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excuse the mess

but we want you to see us! at our worse it can only get better from here!

Welcome to Aspire Candles, our scents are unique, cultural, Fun, refreshing and most of all Aspiring.

The Bay Area has long been known for the delicate, alluring scents of our products. As we grow our business, we take pride in remaining committed to our original promise of developing those aromas from natural plants, minerals and oils that originate near our studio. We know that what is good for you must also be good for the earth.our modo is

"Your home deserves a luxury treat also" 

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My Story

Hi, im Nia Wright from the Bay Area California, I started my candle company in 2018. my mother and aunt loved to burn insents when I was a kid, always kept our home smelling fresh and brand new. For the longest time I've always wondered why candles dont smell as good as that. then a dear friend said to me "you should make some of of your own". I gave it a shot and now im here. my mom and aunt's love the our candles so much, so much.

Once I started making them over and over and over trying to figure things out, one day my two partners Turner and Miller was walking through my home and smelled them I just happen to ask them how do you like the scent of the home, at the time I was making "HINT OF HINT" they both said wow, smells amazing, where did you get them from we like to have these for our homes, specially during out showings might get a faster sale" I then proceeded to inform them these are custom made by yours truly. LOL.

they said wow  you make this we have been looking at YouTube on how to creat candles for the last few months but just hadn't had time to go forth with it.. may we watch how you do the process?" I said yes and two month late we became partners in the candle business they each both have great sense of smell and can create a new scent in like 2 minutes, lol and have a name for it at the same time. its been a fun journey working with these two and we shall continue. 

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